Saturday, August 10, 2013

A country walk

While most of my posts and pictures are really pictures of places, people that I come across, through the walk of life, but this post is literally about a walk. A walk from Hever to Leigh (Kent).

The book that started it all
Take a train to Hever, a small town in Kent 
Walk through farms 


Under natural canopies  

With the sun hardly reaching past the leaves

to large expanses of green grass and blue sky

Some Dandelions 

Some corn

A butterfly or two

Stop for lunch at a mid way pub

Walk the untrodden path

and some paths that someone does not want you to trod on

Find the windows wallpaper, only better

Say hello to the lady with the wheat

Climb up a hill

Pass a red brick cottage

Mind your step if the ground is wet

By the time your done the sun is close to setting

and then take the train back from Leigh. Most enjoyable 6 hour long walk. 

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