Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mumbai Talkies

The thing about Mumbai is that there are no real places to visit ... its not a place for sight seeing ... its not a place where tourists will tell other travelers go to Mumbai its heaven on earth ... but if anyone tells you that Mumbai is not picturesque... they are soooo mistaken... Mumbai is a typical city a single shot of pretty much any street will tell anyone who lives there that its a pic of Mumbai. So I'm going to let the photos talk and just give a common caption to the whole lot

"Mumbai Talkies"


Saturday, November 12, 2011

A walk through Jodhpur

Last weekend I had a long weekend so I took a trip to Jodhpur... to college... but this time armed with my camera so this is what I brought back

Back to NLU

to the hostel

the mess arc

 The Flowers


 Yes flowers do bloom in Jodhpur

In other colours as well

Where there are flowers bees will follow

And they will be there

and get some nectar
and when one's having a nice time others will follow

and then there were the birds 

like they own the place (at NLU they kinda do)

and some wildlife 

some people 

some in restaurants

With some drinks

on the rocks

some shopping

some sightseeing

I went to Mehrangarh fort

was welcomed by the climber

A great place to sit and take in the city 

The blue city

The fort in all its glory

Ghanta ghar with extra long exposure