Thursday, December 1, 2011

A day in the life of Joey

For those who don't know Joey... you can refer to this or this. He`s basically a good friend and a totally crazy fellow, and I was in Mumbai living with him over the weekend and what a blast... so here`s a day in the life of Joey... let`s make it a holiday.

Joey needs a reason to wake up in the mornings .. and what better a reason than the fact that you have booked tickets for the morning show... the tickets are booked the movie will play you might as well go and watch it.

So wake up grab a quick breakfast and off to the theater ... you walk in the movie plays you walk out and its still just a little past noon and you`re up and ready and have the whole day ahead of you.... so you head out for some lunch


followed by some 

along with some

and finally topped of with some 

With a full stomach and a hunger for some shopping (some times his some times some one elses) he will often head to the market with either the famous Momo 

or the hitherto unseen GC (there is a whole story there but that`s for another day)

Laden with shopping bags or at times bean bags Joey will head back home to drop off his latest acquisitions and refill the now almost hungry stomach but this it will be cooked in the kitchen of Joey (at times by him also)

Pancakes .. and they were good 

The day(light) is now over and its time for a serious night out and with Joey its not a matter to joke about he takes his laughter very seriously ... nothing but the first row at The Comedy Store ... so what if the comedians are soo absolutely brilliant that they will pick on you and pick on you and pick on you some more .... to Joey its no joke... Its A serious night out

What better way to end the night than a stroll with the Queen's necklace in sight 

A quick taxi ride 

and Joey heads back home ... back to his fish

and it was a helluva weekend :-)